SubSeven has returned

The legendary SubSeven project is back in its legacy version.

After four months of coding, the alpha version is finally out with already many interesting features and security measures.

The goal of the alpha version is to have first feedback from worldwide users regarding:

When I will be fully satisfied with enough user feedback, I will finalize and open the beta version for public.

The main difference between alpha and beta versions for will be the availability of remote desktop (aka screen capture).

I already made a great progress in remote desktop with secure desktop support but since it is very delicate to implement from a service to user desktop(s) I first want to be sure the actual alpha version is stable enough.

Future beta version will also include more preferences to be saved between viewer sessions Ex:

I have tons of ideas of future features to implement in my pipeline for future coming releases.

For those who are wondering, yes SubSeven Legacy works like a VNC Viewer / Server in direct connection mode requiring port forwarding in server side (controlled machine).

I also have in my pipeline the development of a gateway to transform SubSeven in a Teamviewer like application using a Client > Server (Hosted by enduser) > Client which would avoid port forwarding for both Viewer and Server and bypass firewall restrictions for companies.

If you want to use SubSeven in reverse connection fashion, you can use the same method as for Microsoft Windows RDP through a SSH tunnel. I will write something about it soon.

Lastly and not least, SubSeven legacy is in no way a Trojan / Malware application. I have put much effort in making the program the hardest possible to misuse.

Even if nothing is perfect in terms of security, at least concerned script kiddies will surely not have enough skills to bypass embedded protections and those who can have the skills to create their own copy.

SubSeven executables are not packed / virtualized / obfuscated to keep the confidence of my community. Apart the algorithm to protect unwanted installation of servers, I have nothing to hide in the project so feel free to ask me if anything sounds singular.

Hope you will feel nostalgic from the good old scene days.