Sub7 Retrospective Gallery (1999 -> 2003)

Return to the past with this nice SubSeven retrospective gallery showing all versions from 1999 to its final version in 2003. It only includes versions created by Mobman the former and genuine SubSeven coder.

Trojan Scene Retrospective Gallery (1998 -> 2009) - Beta

This section is a reconstructed dump of former website. It contains a retrospective of the Malware scene between 1998 to 2009 (Information, Images and few details).

It is important to note that not all items were successfully retrieved. Archive contains holes (missing images / families / version / info etc..)

Crawled information (including dates) might sometimes be wrong even if it is rare.

Don't except to be able to download malware from here, only images and text were crawled and a filter is applied to filter possible links and emails.

If you find something that might harm viewers, please contact me at

Wish you a nice retrospective moment.