SubSeven is Back

The legendary SubSeven returns with a fan-made version that delivers a retro remote control experience with no loss of functionality and no external dependencies required. Unlike the original, SubSeven Legacy is a VNC-like without a Trojan Horse signature for legal, secure operation.

The SubSeven Legacy project respects the original design, while providing compatibility with Windows 7 through the latest Windows 11 versions and runs with native code on both 32- and 64-bit systems.

Feature Rich

SubSeven Legacy is no basic remote-control app. This version is a full-fledged remote control software with extensive capability.


Users can perform multiple tasks at the same time without blocking other actions, with support for multiple, simultaneous connections to a single server.


Security is part of the design, with network traffic encrypted by the latest version of OpenSSL (with TLS 1.3 AES 256 GCM SHA384) and password or pub key authentication (or both).

Fast & Reliable

Lightweight native code for everything from the UI to networking and its own OpenSSL socket implementation bound with the API provides 100% control of client-server communication.

Session Friendly

Unlike other remote-control software, SubSeven Legacy is session friendly, which means you can interact with distinct active Microsoft Windows Sessions.


The retro UI design takes users back to late 90’s/early 2000s—a fitting nostalgia for a reboot of one of the most renowned remote access tools ever made.

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Latest blog entries

SubSeven has returned

June 5, 2021

The legendary SubSeven project is back in its legacy version.

After four months of coding, the alpha version is finally out with already many interesting features and security measures.

The goal of the alpha version is to have first feedback from worldwide users regarding:

  • Stability / Reliability / Speed / Efficiency
  • Possible bugs or glitchs
  • Available features improvement
  • User friendly advice
  • Security advices and or concerns
  • Setup complexity
  • Protocol

When I will be fully satisfied with enough user feedback, I will finalize and open the beta version for public.

The …


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